Mobile and social technology has changed the face of
high street retail and ecommerce payments with both
digital cards and mobile wallets growing rapidly.

JGOO was founded on the core principle to
create innovative payment systems that change the way
customers and businesses interact, leveraging this growth
and bringing social media, content, people and commerce
altogether in one complete ecosystem.

WeChat is China's social media platform of choice.

With 980m monthly active users, 40% of all digital payments
are now made using the WeChat Pay digital wallet.

We have ambitions to facilitate WeChat payments to service over 12.5m
visiting Chinese tourists in UK and Europe, whose average visit spend
is over $2,000.

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“In 2015 over 12.5m Chinese visitors came to Europe, spending £513m in the UK alone.
By 2020 this is set to rise to 16m visitors.”